About Moi

My name is Gypsy. I am often asked about my real name so I answer “Sorry, that is my real name. I was born in 1975, need I say more?” I also get “You aren’t what I expected.” To that I only smile. When you hear an exotic name like that, you probably conjure long flowing dark hair, olive skin, gold bangles, petite frame. I am quite the opposite of all those things. I come from Norwegian blood. Big. Tall. Blonde (I think). Fair.

I thoroughly enjoy life. There is no reason for ego or sadness. I love to learn and I love to share my knowledge (what little there is). I have a passion for making people look great. Whether with hair or make up, I want people to exude confidence. If my client doesn’t like what I have done? I will undo it and start again. It is about the customer not what I want.

I adore traveling (funny, with a name like that?).
I have never been more motivated.

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