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Yep! I have also done a commercial!

I did the make up for this commercial.


As I am about to bring my kids to a pool party I am wondering…. Make up or no make up?  To put on make up I am sure to have the embarrassing raccoon eye, while going no make up I am sure to run into potential new clients.  WHAT DID I CHOOSE???? No make up!  As a make up artist, I know that a clean face is better than a made up one at the pool.  For one, my pores are ready for a decent sunscreen/moisturizer.  For another, the kids don’t give a flip weather I am made up or not.  Women of the world- go it bare!  You are beautiful!  Even if you think otherwise, OWN IT! Confidence is the most attractive thing you can do for yourself!


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Hello world!

Ful photo shoot
Photographer- Chris Fitzgerald

This was a full day shoot with FUL bags.  There were four models and I did hair and make up.